Manual Orders

Manual orders will be sent to our FX trading desk and watched manually by a trader. Choose from a variety of order types including Take Profit, Stop Loss and Benchmark orders.

FX Order Entry ticket and FX Trade Manager screen

Key Features

  • We offer a range of orders which feature user defined parameters
  • Each new order or amendment is part of a trader’s workflow which must be accepted, bearing in mind proximity limits apply
  • View and manage your manual orders in the Trade Manager alongside your PowerFill and BARX Gator orders
  • All post trade functions (confirmation emails, STP, splits) are available through BARX as per any other trade
  • Barclays offers a fee-based Benchmark order which can be left against common external market fixes on BARX
  • Leave Non-Deliverable Forward orders through the same manual order ticket

BARX FX puts you in command of your order execution, with a variety of manual order types, executed via our global FX trading desks.

Access a wide range of order types from an easy-to-use order entry screen:




Order Types

  • Take Profit
  • Stop Loss
  • OCO
  • If Done
  • Call Level
  • Benchmark

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