Multi Asset Investments

Trade Multi Asset Investments (MAI) electronically and efficiently with your own clients, whilst setting your own required margin level. BARX MAI also gives you the flexibility to choose whether to trade Multi Asset Investments 'Funded' or 'Unfunded' on a per currency basis. 

Automatic deal execution

BARX MAI gives you access to streaming MAI pricing and one-click execution in a wide variety of currency pairs out to one year. Simple to use, you can select to solve for either yield, strike or profit, entering data for the other two variables. An indicative termsheet can be generated or the price can be dealt on.

MAI Pricing grid

Fully customisable termsheets

MAI termsheets are fully customisable and have many configurable options to enable you to leverage your own corporate branding. You can upload your own logo, attach your own contact details and define your own company font and disclaimer; however we recommend that you use our default Risk Disclosures. Your customised termsheet will be generated automatically and emailed as a PDF document to a pre-defined list of recipients. Your customised termsheet can then be sent on directly to your own investors.

Strike to Yield and Yield to Strike Grid

The Multi Asset Investment has a customisable yield to strike and strike to yield grid giving the user a quick view of customizable 5 strikes / yields in a tabular form which can be downloaded in excel as an indication or can be back filled the MAI screen for execution.

Admin control of MAI dealing configuration for all internal users

The Multi Asset Investment Configuration screen enables select users to configure MAI dealing parameters for all internal users, allowing you to restrict the options available to your sales team. The following parameters are available:

  • Profit Currency - Restricts what can be selected for the profit currency. This can be either a specific currency or the underlying investment currency
  • Interest at risk - Defines whether or not the interest on the underlying deposit is at risk in addition to the deposit
  • Maximum Profit - An optional field which restricts the profit a sales user can add per trade

In addition, you are able to define which currencies will be 'Unfunded' or 'Funded'. Your portfolio of MAIs can then be managed through the enhanced FX Options blotter.

MAI Configuration

Investor profile

The Multi Asset Investment is an investment product and not a deposit. Investors in Multi Asset Investments are likely to demonstrate the following attributes:

  • To have a view of certain exchange rate movements and are in a position to take advantage of their view
  • Are in a position to accept exchange rate risk including the loss of principal sum in comparison with the base amount initially invested
  • Are currently holding more than one currency and are looking for opportunities other than bank deposits
  • Are prepared to hold another currency at maturity and have no urgent requirement for the funds
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