Q. What support can I expect with BARX Corporate?

Upon successful registration you will be asked to download a 'Getting Started Guide', which will help support you through the process of downloading the required software.
BARX Corporate includes a comprehensive, easy to use on-line Help System which will provide you with the support required to use the service effectively.
In addition, the Client Services Team, provide dedicated support and administration of BARX Corporate. 

Q. Is BARX Corporate secure?

BARX Corporate uses an industry strength security system which consists of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and proven 128-bit data encryption. 
128-bit data encryption is one of the most secure forms of encryption available, this ensures confidential transfer of information between your PC and the Bank. 
In order to log on to BARX Corporate a digital certificate is required. This digital certificate utilises PKI and enables users to interact with BARX Corporate using digital identities. Each user is assigned their own unique online digital ID that verifies their identity when accessing BARX Corporate.

Q. What is a Digital Certificate?

A digital certificate is used as a security mechanism to successfully authenticate the user. Each user must have a personal digital certificate installed on their computer which, along with their user name and password, confirms their identity before allowing access.

The digital certificate utilises Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and provides secure authentication, encryption and non-repudiation.

Q. What is JAVA?

Java is a high-level programming language and a commonly used foundation for developing and delivering content on the Web.

Q. How does BARX Corporate stay up to date?

Certificates are stored in the user's Certificate Store located within the Registry, and can be viewed within Internet Explorer. Users with roaming profiles are able to log on to BARX Corporate from any PC, assuming that the relevant software is available on that PC.

1. In order for the certificate to be embedded in the browser, the security settings within IE must be enabled to 'Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins' and allow 'file downloads'. Under the advanced tab of internet options the following options must be enabled: PCT 1.0, SSL 2.0, SSL 3.0.

Q. My Digital Certificate is due to expire, how do I renew?

You should receive an email reminder a few weeks before expiry to go on line to renew. Once a certificate has expired you will need to contact the Client Services Team to generate a PIN for a new certificate and then download the new certificate.