Export/Import Certificate

Export from old PC

1. Go to Control Panel - Internet Options - Content - Certificates.
2. Highlight the Digital Certificate and then click Export.
3. A "Certificate Export Wizard" appears; click Next.
4. "Export Private Key" appears; check "Yes, export the private key" and click Next.
5. "Export File Format" appears; check "Personal Information Exchange".
6. Tick "Enable Strong Protection".
7. Click Next.
8. "Password" appears; enter and confirm a password of your choice.
9. Click Next.
10. "File to Export" appears; click Browse and select a drive and folder to save the Digital Certificate to. (If the PC is stand-alone then the file can be saved to disk or e-mailed by attaching the file to a new message.)
11. Call the file Barclays and click Save to return to "File to Import" having the fully qualified file name completed.
12. Click Next to get the "Completing the Certificate Export Wizard"; click Finish.
13. A message "The export was successful" appears.

Importing to a new PC

14. Double-click on the certificate file (Barclays.pfx).
15. The Certificate Import Wizard appears; click Next.
16. "File to Import" appears with the file name completed; click Next.
17. "Password" appears; type in the password and check the "Mark the private key as exportable" box; click Next.
18. "Certificate Store" appears; leave "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" as checked; click Next.
19. "Completing the Certificate" Import Wizard" appears; click Finish.
20. A message "The Import was successful" appears.

Note that if "Mark key as exportable" is not checked then an error message indicating 'private key exception' will appear when logging into BARX Corporate. If this happens the installation wizard will have to be rerun and the certificate re-imported.