Algorithmic Trading

Plug into our black boxes

As a global leader in electronic trade execution, we’ve developed sophisticated algorithms for futures. Now you can use the same strategies as Barclays.

Increase control of your trading objectives whether pursuing relative value strategies or managing large execution sizes. Plus, your multi-asset class trading can be enhanced with a range of core algorithms and intermarket and multi-leg strategies.

Available algorithmic trading strategies

Benchmark Algorithms

  • VWAP
  • TWAP
  • TWAP Pure

Participation Based Algorithms

  • Participate

Multi-Leg Strategies

  • SpreadTrader
  • OCO
  • Stop+

Singular Execution Algorithms

  • Icebergs
  • Greyhound
  • Peg
  • Time Release

For further information on our algorithmic trading offering, please contact the BARX team.