BARX Fixed Income screen

Electronic trading for Rates cash, derivatives and repo through BARX

Rates products are available for execution on BARX Fixed Income as well single-dealer pages on BARX via Bloomberg. On multi-dealer platforms, execute with us over BBT, ALLQ, TSOX, Tradeweb and BondVision, where Barclays is firmly positioned among the top dealers.

BARX provides superior electronic execution across the global Rates markets:

  • Global Government Bonds
  • Interest Rate Swaps
  • Asset Swaps on Futures
  • Agencies
  • Agency Discount Notes
  • Inflation-linked bonds
  • Bond Finance (Repo)



As an innovator in the electronic global interest rate swaps market, Barclays has built upon its expertise, and is able to provide:

  • BARX Fixed Income 
  • BARX via Bloomberg
  • BARX via Tradeweb

BARX Rates Option Pricer

The BARX Rates Option Pricer is available on the BARX platform. It allows you to model and obtain indicative levels in real time on a range of Interest Rates option product types across EUR/GBP/JPY/USD. 

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