BARX Security Guidelines

  1. Password should be at least 8 characters and a mix of alphanumeric, without repeating any digit or character more than once. 
  2. Do memorize your Password 
  3. Do not record your Password anywhere 
  4. Do not choose a Password based on user-id, personal telephone number, birthday or other personal information 
  5. Password and OTP PIN (if applicable) must be kept confidential and not be divulged to anyone
  6. Do change your Password regularly and immediately if you suspect any fraud 
  7. The same Password should not be used for different websites, applications or services, particularly when they relate to different entities. 
  8. Do not use the browser option to store or remember user-id and Password 
  9. Do check the authenticity of the BARX website by comparing the URL and the bank’s name in its digital certificate or by observing the indicators provided by an extended validation certificate. 
  10. Do check that the BARX website address changes from http:// to https:// and a security icon that looks like a lock or key appear when authentication and encryption is expected. 
  11. Do check your BARX transactions frequently and report any discrepancy 
  12. Do install anti-virus, anti-spyware and personal firewall software in your computer and ensure they are updated regularly 
  13. Remove file and printer sharing in computers, especially when they have internet access via cable modems, broadband connections or similar set-ups 
  14. Make regular backup of critical data 
  15. Consider the use of encryption technology to protect highly sensitive data 
  16. Do log off properly when BARX is not in use 
  17. Do clear the cache after logging off the session (use Tools/Internet Options) 
  18. Do not install software or run programs of unknown or untrusted origin 
  19. Delete junk or chain emails 
  20. Do not open email attachments from unknown or untrusted parties 
  21. Do not disclose personal, or financial or credit card information to little known or suspicious websites 
  22. Do not use a computer or a device which cannot be trusted 
  23. Do not use public or internet cafe computers to access or perform financial transactions via BARX