BARX FX Installation Guide

Non-Java Installation using BARX Launcher

The below instructions are for installing BARX FX without Java using the BARX Launcher.  Please click here for instructions on installing BARX FX using Java.

Please ensure your computer meets our system requirements before you begin, and refer to the troubleshooting guide if you encounter any issues.

Step 1: Download and install the BARX FX Launcher package by clicking here and following the on-screen instructions. 

If prompted, please click on run/open. When you are prompted to select a Destination Folder, please use the default location provided (C:\Program Files (x86)\Barclays Capital\BARX Launcher\).


  • If you see 'Windows Defender SmartScreen' or 'Windows Protected', click on 'More Info' then 'Run anyway'
  • Click 'Only for me' if your local IT is not downloading on your behalf

Step 2: Download and install your Barclays digital certificate by navigating to Start > All Programs > Barclays Capital > BARX Certificate Downloader and following the on-screen instructions.

Step 3: Launch BARX by clicking here and entering your username and password when prompted.

If you have problems connecting, check your proxy server settings by clicking "Internet Settings" in the login window and entering your proxy settings as required. You can find more information in our troubleshooting guide.

Step 4: Create a desktop shortcut for BARX FX.

  • Go to Start and type 'bwl_barcap.bnlp' in your Windows search bar 
  • Right-click and select the option “Go to file location” 
  • Move the file to the Desktop