FX Options

Sophisticated options execution for vanillas, exotics and multi-leg structures

Barclays offers clients continuous live streaming ‘Click-and-deal’ FX vanilla options and strategies on BARX FX. Alongside the streaming FX spot and forward interface, the FX options panel displays a continuously dealable two-way price, with a convenient drop down menu for Straddles, Strangles, Risk Reversals and other strategies. To facilitate larger sizes, we have seamlessly integrated RFQ functionality into the existing pricing panels.

FX Options

Advanced options execution

With prices displayed in premium and volatility and one-click execution and affirmation, BARX provides more control and opportunity for FX options execution.

  • Emerging market currencies such as TRY, PLN, CZK, ZAR, HUF and SGD are supported
  • Non-Deliverable currencies such as CNY, IDR, INR, KRW, MYR, TWD and BRL are available for pricing and execution
  • Deal large amounts via seamlessly integrated RFQ
  • Strategies available include Straddle, Strangle, Risk Reversal, Calendar, Call, Put and Custom Spread
  • Exotic option pricing and execution supported on live streaming prices - range of products includes Window barriers, Range Accruals, European KI / KO and Digitals
  • Instant deal confirmation via the BARX option ticket
  • Defaults setting for your trades, save common structures and perfom mark to market on vanilla and exotic options and structures
  • Share trade ideas internally and with Barclays in real time
  • One-click trading for vanilla, exotic and multi-leg options using live streaming pricing 
  • STP available for the full range of option products and structures tradeable over BARX 
  • Solving wizard provides a simple interface into solving and structuring functionality also available using scratch pads and excel formulas 
  • Live tradeable FX volatility run for all live streamed currency pairs
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