Gator Orders

FX liquidity, without the mirage

BARX Gator™ brings together external liquidity from multiple venues and combines it with the BARX PowerFill orderbook and Barclays' own liquidity. This robust execution tool, built for and road-tested by our own Barclays spot traders, offers clients a clear view of the FX market and direct access to all the liquidity Barclays enjoys.

Our proprietary model provides a unique scaled display of combined hybrid liquidity that is regularly to give clients 'best of both worlds' liquidity periodically.

We handle the routing to multiple venues, converting futures to spot and netting derived liquidity from crosses back into the desired currency pair. Details of the venues we've used and the sub trades we executed are all available in the Gator FX Trade Manager.

BARX Gator FX Trade Manager

Key features

  • Be informed - see the shape of the market at a glance, with a clear graphical representation of price and volume
  • Stay anonymous - counterparties on external markets will only see the Barclays name
  • Convenient - fully integrated to BARX FX, providing backstop liquidity for partial fills and legging risk in crosses, with all order and trades appearing in the same blotter
  • No admin overhead or IT running costs - no licence fee or separate brokerage bills to settle, no new technology to install or new counterparties to set up credit relationships. An all inclusive service cost is simply added onto the aggregated price of each executed order, which is transparently displayed to the user

Award-winning execution. Seamless delivery

We have won many industry awards* and accolades for innovation on BARX FX . As a seamless ecommerce solution, BARX sets the standard for execution efficiency and service.

BARX Gator™ - Get your fill

Execution Solutions

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