PowerFill Orders

Take ultimate control of your FX trade execution

PowerFill offers revolutionary order management tools and access to Risk transfer - with no brokerage fees. Take advantage of our algorithmic execution engine and experience more control.

PowerFill Screens

Key features

  • Work bids and offers - your anonymous orders will form part of the price that other users see
  • No brokerage fees 
  • Anonymous algorithmic execution - all orders including 'stops' worked completely confidentially and automatically 
  • Revolutionary order entry - just 2 clicks away 
  • Liquidity ladder showing depth of book - provides key market insight
  • Trade directly from an intraday graph and monitor or edit any unfilled orders 
  • Cutting-edge order management tool and customisable order book uploader 
  • BARX feed to Excel - stream BARX pricing into a customisable spreadsheet and execute orders from Excel into the BARX liquidity pool

PowerFill gives you superior execution ability with no hidden costs or brokerage fees. You can anonymously work bids and offers which will form part of the price that other users see.

Access a wide range of order types from an easy-to-use order entry screen.

Order Types

  • Take Profit 
  • Stop Loss 
  • Trailing Stop Loss 
  • OCO (One Cancels Other) 
  • Immediate 
  • TWAP (including 'With Levels') 
  • LWAP 
  • Call Level 
  • If Done 
  • Benchmark 
  • Manual 
Iceberg your large orders by entering the amount of the order that is visible to other clients for them to trade on - your whole order retains its position in the order book and can be filled up to the full order size when someone trades against it.  All order types on PowerFill can be delayed to a specific time.

Established Platform

BARX is recognised globally for its reliability and stability with a proven track record during times of market volatility.
BARX PowerFill combines exceptional execution functionality with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, our global team of sales and support professionals are available 24 hours per day via telephone or email.

  • Leading FX liquidity 
  • Global client base 
  • User-friendly interface