How do I stay ahead of the FX markets?

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Our FX strategy team are committed to providing you with world-class research, indices, data and analytical tools.

Global Research and forecasts on Barclays Live FX

Barclays Live provides online access to foreign exchange research for fundamental and technical coverage of the FX market across G10 and Emerging Market currencies.

Global Research key features:

  • Access summaries of recently published research and
    archived research pieces
  • Search by analyst, ticker, keyword or title
  • Subscribe to receive research email alerts

Global Forecasts key features:

  • View our research teams’ forecasts for currencies out to one year as well as real GDP, central bank rates, consumer prices, global bond yields, and commodity prices
  • Select ‘View Full Forecasts’ to access Barclays forecasts across all the countries that we cover

FX Home PageFX Home Page

Your single source for FX market coverage

The FX Homepage in Barclays Live provides a quick look at the different drivers of FX markets. You can gain instant access into research, forecasts, and analytic tools for fundamental, technical, and quantitative coverage of FX markets

Key features:

  • Daily snapshot of market moving data releases and events 
  • Compare current volatility, flows and technical conditions
  • Access Barclays FX strategists' currency forecasts out one year
  • Daily technical strategy
  • Short-term drivers heatmap


Your essential application for Barclays FX and precious metals volatility pre-trade analytics and back-testing.

Key features:

  • View a snapshot of FX options market conditions
  • Perform in-depth analysis of current and historic volatility 
  • Compare implied and realised correlations against different currency groups across multiple tenors
  • Strike optimiser, risk reversal and range backtests
  • Curve monitor for charting current and historic term structures and smiles for FX vol
  • Historical analysis using over 125,000 time series of spot, forward and NDF, option, volatility and cross asset data


TRENDS (Technical Research Employing Non-Discretionary Strategies ) is a unique interactive tool providing quantitative and systematic analysis of FX technical signals.

Key features:

  • A snapshot of the technical condition of the market
  • A back-testing facility to empirically validate the performance of a selection of technical signals
  • A correlation finder  
  • A library of daily updated statistics on indicator performance
  • A seasonality dashboard to analyze seasonality profiles on weekly, monthly and yearly tenors 
  • Create custom portfolios and edit the parameters of each technical indicator



The essential tool for analysing FX volatility on Barclays Live.

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Technical Research Employing Non- Discretionary Systems 

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