Futures via FIX

We can integrate BARX Futures with any third party OMS or network via FIX. Our global FIX connectivity team can develop a Futures via FIX solution tailored to your execution and STP needs.

BARX Futures via FIX can provide you with:

  • Global order routing in standard format to over 30 exchanges
  • Maximum speed of execution
  • Complex strategies (i.e. calendar spreads)

In addition to Futures, BARX via FIX offers a single point of connectivity across additional asset classes.

Need an alternative way to connect?

We provide a variety of connectivity solutions for futures trading. You can connect direct to the exchanges by choosing our true DMA (Direct Market Access) solution, or connect via our GUI.

However you choose to connect to BARX Futures, you will be accessing a trading solution that is intuitive and fully customisable.

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