Money Markets



BARX Money Markets screen

Maximise your trading environment

Experience the award-winning Deposits offering from Barclays across a variety of platforms with:

  • Live, streaming, 24 hour rates
  • Deposit rates in 18 currencies out to one year
  • Ability to trade Barclays Bank PLC issued Commercial Paper and fixed or floating Certificates of Deposit
  • Exceptional execution speed
  • Axes directly from the trading desk
  • Rates Matrix to display and execute rates
  • Broken dates automatically calculated
  • Ability to roll any amount, to any maturity date out to one year, in bulk or per trade
  • Customised allocation – trades can be split immediately or at a later date
  • Unlimited trade size via RFQ
  • Research, FX charting and analytics through the award-winning portal, Barclays Live

Multiple paths to our liquidity

BARX prices are available across a variety of platforms:

  • BARX Money Markets
  • BARX via FXall
  • BARX via Tradeweb
  • BARX via 360T

For more information on our Deposits offering or on any of our BARX Money Markets services, please visit the Contacts page